Easter Bunny Bento


While most of the bento-ers around the world are making their cute Easter themed bento. Here is my version of super simple easy bento. There are fried rice, quail egg cut in half, tomatoes, and bunny in a cup made of dried cod roe on my egg sheet. I have learnt how to make perfect egg sheet and this time round it turns out much better than before. Practice makes perfect, indeed. Of course, on the side is my homemade crackling roast pork. Yum!

Stay tune for my next bento creation…in the meantime, enjoy the long weekend!


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Summer Seafood Bento

After a long hard year of work, I am just dreaming of summer by the beach. I just want to soak up the sun, breathe in the salty air, sipping the coconut juice from fresh coconut and of course, delicious fresh seafood. Therefore, I decided to create pasta-based seafood bento.


There is pasta mix with cod roe and a sprinkle of bonito flakes. As the side dish, there is crispy baked salmon, sausages, seaweed and crabmeat wrapped with egg and topped with black sesame. I also drop in a couple of fish crackers on top. I made 2 different types of crab. The bigger one was made of 2 sausages; one for the body and the other for the pincers, they are put together using pasta sticks. The smaller one is the halved mini frankfurters, so it doesn’t look too bulky.

Here’s how it look like in a two-tiered lunch box.


Hope you enjoy your summer days.

A Life without love is like a year without summer

~ Swedish Proverbs ~

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Bento Workshop

Chinese New Year is here again..Yeay!!

During my summer holiday, I had a chance to go to Singapore to have a workshop with my favourite bento idol, Little Miss Bento. I was extremely excited to finally meet her. I came across her work of bento art while I was ‘google-ing’ for bento ideas last year. Her work of art was amazing!

For the workshop, we decided on Chinese New Year themed Bento.

Here’s the cute sleeping sheep bento I learnt to make in a few hours. Time flies when you are having so much fun and I learnt heaps from my bento idol. 😉


The sheep was handmade without any mould. Everything was made of rice except for the horn, which was made of egg sheet. I learnt how to make perfect yellow eggsheet, which I cut and rolled into flowers and attached the end with pasta. I also learnt how to make the 3D carrot flowers top with a few black sesame. The sides were prepared by her. There were baked chicken, edamame, stir fry broccoli, mushroom and tofu. Lastly, I was given that special kamaboko with the picture of a sheep. I love it to the max! It is so cute!! I wish we have them here in Australia.

Happy Chinese New Year!


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Let it snow!

The snow season is finally here! Yeay!!

My next Kidz -O- Bento creation was inspired by my winter wonderland trip to Lake Mountain for a family day outing. It was a perfect day to go up to the alpine resort because it was snowing all day. We experienced the fresh icy air, the sleet of snow and fresh flurries for the whole day. It was Magical!!



When we finally arrived, it was snowing quite heavily…yippeee…fresh snow! Embrace the cold, icy air! Touch it! Taste it! Play with it!
Look at how many “Olaf” of different sizes we found!


From ‘Olaf’ made of snow to ‘Olaf’ made of yummy ingredients. Ta-da! My Olaf inspired Kidz -O- Bento creation.


The Olaf was made of rice, bits of cheese and nori as his eyes, mouth and hands, and of course, carrot as his nose. Olaf’s head and body parts were made out of rice that was stuffed with a mix of chicken, mustard and mayonaise. For the sides items, we had snowflakes which were made of egg whites and a couple of sunflowers made out of sausages and egg sheets.


This is how it looked like when Olaf went into the box ;).


In the left side of bento box, there were mixed vegetables accompanied by the snowflakes and sunflowers. I also added Sesame Mochi and Coconut Pandan Mochi.

 Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things,
But just look what they can do when they stick together
~Verna M. Kelly~

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