Let it snow!

The snow season is finally here! Yeay!!

My next Kidz -O- Bento creation was inspired by my winter wonderland trip to Lake Mountain for a family day outing. It was a perfect day to go up to the alpine resort because it was snowing all day. We experienced the fresh icy air, the sleet of snow and fresh flurries for the whole day. It was Magical!!



When we finally arrived, it was snowing quite heavily…yippeee…fresh snow! Embrace the cold, icy air! Touch it! Taste it! Play with it!
Look at how many “Olaf” of different sizes we found!


From ‘Olaf’ made of snow to ‘Olaf’ made of yummy ingredients. Ta-da! My Olaf inspired Kidz -O- Bento creation.


The Olaf was made of rice, bits of cheese and nori as his eyes, mouth and hands, and of course, carrot as his nose. Olaf’s head and body parts were made out of rice that was stuffed with a mix of chicken, mustard and mayonaise. For the sides items, we had snowflakes which were made of egg whites and a couple of sunflowers made out of sausages and egg sheets.


This is how it looked like when Olaf went into the box ;).


In the left side of bento box, there were mixed vegetables accompanied by the snowflakes and sunflowers. I also added Sesame Mochi and Coconut Pandan Mochi.

 Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things,
But just look what they can do when they stick together
~Verna M. Kelly~

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